What Causes Your Body to Be Highly Acidic?

The normal body flora should not be too acidic as well as basic. There should be a normal balance between the two primary forces. When it happens that the body becomes extremely subjected to acidity, the disease will swarm over. Excessive acidity is not a good idea. It is as if you are trying to portray a living dead body. Soon enough, if the situation continues to be the same, it will progress to the body’s impending doom.

However, what indeed are the causes for making the body turn highly acidic? These are the major perpetrator why it occurs as such.

Primarily, the intake of canned goods is a vital reason why the body turns to its acidic form. These processed foods contain large amount of salt, monosodium glutamate as well as unwanted chemicals. Furthermore, even the intake of high sugar and carbohydrate rich foods are one of the culprits of this circumstance. These may come in form of grains, wheat flour, and other sweetened foods.

Protein rich foods like milk, cheese and meat also contributes in making the body acidic. One good way to prevent this occurrence is through taking in meat substitutes such as gluten as well as soy. This meat substitute is often alkaline and not acidic thereby adding in positive benefits to the body. Aside from that, eating these meat substitutes will further promote good health and even brush aside the negative effects that may be acquired from the acidic meat.

Would you believe that even the intake of products derived from pesticides, injected hormones, preservatives as well as medicines like antibiotics may also cause the body to be in its acid state? This alteration in growing also alters the normal physiology of the crops and thus brings in effects to the body as well. These synthetic medications in the food together with the iodized salt added up while cooking makes up a very acidic dish. In addition, the pollutants found everywhere is also another contributory factor.

These are just some of the numerous deterrents in the human body that alters the normal environmental scheme of the system. Thus, the body in turn starts to suffer diseases as well as injuries that in the first place might be prevented.

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