Top 10 Alkaline Rich Foods the Body’s Health

The different foods that we eat are either alkaline or acid based and its effects to one’s health determine which of these two have been consumed. A food’s acidity or alkalinity is measured on a pH (potential of hydrogen) scale. The pH level of one’s body is also measured, if the levels are measured high then it means that it has more alkaline and a good supply of oxygen in the body’s fluids, lesser pH level means that the bodily fluids are acidic and has less oxygen supply. This is where alkaline rich foods are helpful in keeping the body in good shape maintaining the normal pH level to achieve optimum health and wellness.

Traditionally, the lifestyle that most of us live is based around eating foods that are chemically processed and doing less physically challenging activity. With today’s busy lifestyle, it’s quite a burden anymore to prepare a delicious and healthy meal for the whole family, some even prefer fast foods from restaurants or ready to eat microwavable foods that are easy to prepare but has lesser nutrients, this is the reason why more and more acids are accumulated in the body that causes a lot of serious illnesses.

The Significance of Eating Alkaline Rich Foods

Alkaline rich foods play an important role in maintaining one’s health, it helps increase the oxygen supply in the body that is important for the proper functioning fluids in the bloodstream and different vital organs. It is also helpful in renewing and restoring the proper functions of the different organs as well as prevents the build-up of lactic acid that detriments one’s health, thus the alkaline diet is the best way to keep the body in tip top shape. Moreover, eating the right kind of food is the way to normalize the body’s pH levels.

Another helpful benefit of eating alkaline based food is it helps in optimal absorption of the different nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Maintaining the body’s normal level of pH is very important in this day and age because a body that has a lot of acid in it can lead to various illnesses. Some of the known illnesses that over acidity poses are kidney problems, sterility, cardiovascular diseases, breathing problems and other serious diseases that could lead to death.

Ten Alkaline Rich Foods

At most almost all fruits and vegetables contain a lot of alkalinity in them and to help you be informed of the ten foods that are rich in alkaline foods read on the following, this is important to know to achieve optimum health.

  • Lemons- most of us know that lemons are acidic but in actuality it has a pH level of 9.0 and is also rich in electrolytes that helps give the body a lot of endurance and strength. It also is rich in vitamin C that helps boosts the immune system and is helpful in curing flu, colds, and others.
  • Watermelon- this is also known to be rich in alkaline, beta-carotene and lycopene with the pH level of 9.0. This is also effective in cleansing the colons.
  • Agar-agar- an organic gelatin that came from seaweeds that is rich in calcium, iron and fiber.
  • Cayenne- has a pH reading of 8.5 and is rich in enzymes that are good for the endocrine system. This also contains high levels of vitamin A and has anti-bacterial properties.
  • Papaya, melons and mango- aside from this food as a good colon cleansing fruits, these are also diuretic which helps the kidneys to function well.
  • Asparagus- this has asparagine that is a type of amino acid helpful to the nervous system. This is also responsible in lowering the acid in the body.
  • Fruit Juices (All Natural)- this can be obtained by extracting vegetable and fruit juices from organic produce. This has natural nutrients and sugar that does is not acidic to the body when ingested. pH level of these juices are at 8.5. Fruit juices also have phytochemicals and flavanoids that are good for one’s health.
  • Grapes and Pineapples- this two fruits has pH level equivalent to 8.5. Grapes are rich in antioxidants, vitamin A, vitamin B, and vitamin C all beneficial to the health. Pineapple fruit is also high in antioxidants and fiber that cleanses the body of fats and other toxins while keeping it in perfect shape.
  • Apples- apples are very in lowering the acidity in the body and are also high in enzymes that maintain the hormonal balance of the body. It has a pH level of 8.
  • Berries, bananas and garlic-these food types has pH level equal to 8 and are very good antioxidants in the body. Berries and garlic are helps regulate the body’s blood pressure.

The benefits of alkaline rich foods are up to the roof and it is about time for everyone to practice eating these types of foods as they are good and healthy for the body.

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