Ten “Eating Out” Alkaline Food Tips

Eating alkaline rich food is not that hard to do at home because it can be easily prepared but there might be instances that the family would want to dine out and it may be a challenge to maintain that alkaline diet that you have been doing at home for a while.

Well do not think of deviating from your alkaline diet because you can still enjoy dining out with your family and still practice the alkaline diet, enjoy having a family bonding time without sacrificing your family’s health and wellness.

“Eating out” Dilemmas

The dilemma with eating out with your family is that you are exposed to all type of foods including those that has too much acid in them and believe it or not, most of the foods that you enjoy eating before are those that contain too much acid like fast foods, even fancy restaurants serve foods that are not quite healthy simply because the customers ask for it, not to mention the cooking oil, additives, and preservatives that most of them use in food that they serve.

So to help you out with your dilemma in dining out and enjoying some time out with your friends and families, here are a few tips to reassure that you can do both.

1) Stay away from fast food chains

You have heard a lot of times already that fast foods are unhealthy for you. The main reason for this is  because most of the foods that these fast food chains offer have a lot of preservatives and additives in them, the famous burger for instance, the patty has additives in them as well s preservatives, the buns used also does. The fried chicken is another example, because it has been preserved for too long, it contains lesser enzymes and it becomes stale.

2) Avoid white floured foods

White floured foods are unhealthy for you, these contain harmful toxins and it also has no nutrients. Some of the known effects of too much consumption of this are lethargy and weight gain not to mention these are very acidic.
Most restaurants use this on almost all of their dishes so you must be very keen into looking the foods that has too much of this from breaded dishes to white rice that you eat.

3) Don’t order for deep fried foods

Most Chinese restaurants offer deep fried foods in their menu like pork, prawns, lemon chicken, and other breaded foods that they are most famous for and the breading mixture that they mostly use is made up of white flour which is acidic and is very unhealthy.

4) Go for brown rice instead

Brown rice is much healthier than white rice other than the same nutrients that it has it has lesser acid in it. Brown rice is also packed with fiber because of the bran layer that has not been removed in them. Fiber in bran rice is very helpful in cleansing the body of harmful toxins, this may also help in preventing high sugar levels as well as high blood pressure.

Whenever you go in restaurants, always prefer to order brown rice instead as this is also alkaline which is good for the body.

5) Never forget your vegetables

All kinds of restaurants always offer vegetable dishes or salad ones with their other menus, always ask for them. Ask what their best vegetable dish is and try it out with the whole family to eat.

6) Opt for raw foods in restaurants

The restaurant that offer most raw dishes is the japans restaurant and while you are out with your family, try eating in one of them, most Japanese foods are alkalizing and the dishes that they serve are not easily found in the public market or the groceries. Some foods that restaurants offer that are high in alkaline are seaweed, sushi, tofu and others.

7) Opt for healthy fruit or vegetable drink

When eating out better opt to order a healthy drink for the whole family like a fruit and/or juice beverage, this is a good alkalizing drink that will benefit the wellness of the family. One can easily tell if a restaurant cares about the health of their customers just by the beverages that they offer. If you want high alkalizing beverage, you can order an organic fruit and/or vegetable drink or shake.

8 ) Fruits for dessert

After eating all of those hearty meal you’ve ordered, another healthy dish that you should order is a dessert packed with healthy fruits. Be sure to pick those fruits that have less acid in them, look for ones that is highly alkalizing to the body. There are a lot of fruit desserts that are delicious and healthy at the same time take for instance a peach or apple pie and then pair it with a delicious smoothie of your favorite fruit, some restaurants may also have a naturally made ice cream that you may also eat for a delicious and healthy treat.

9) Drink alcohol moderately

A we all know there will always be instances that you would drink alcohol at dinner while dining out and if you can’t help it then the best thing that you can do is to drink alcohol moderately, alcohol is not healthy because of certain acids in it and for the body to consume too much can lead to various kinds of diseases.

10) Cut down on pastas and pizzas

This may come quite as a challenge for many especially those who love eating pastas and pizzas when eating out but you need to cut down on these foods because it can quite ruin your health and body. For pizza lovers you may opt for those that contain a lot of vegetables in it, there are many variants of pizzas nowadays that are also a little healthy, also this will counter the acid in white flour in pastas and pizzas.

Hopefully, those that were mentioned above can be of great help to maintaining the alkaline diet that you are into or to give you an idea of how to be healthy even when eating out with your whole family. Remember if you can’t avoid eating acid based foods then eat them in moderation and more on those alkaline based foods instead to be on a healthy side of living.

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