Alkaline Diet – What is Acid Alkaline Diet?

The type of diet of an individual can be determined through the classification of foods that he takes in. As a matter of fact, there are three diverse organization of the food system. It may be alkaline, neutral or acidic. One can figure out one from the other according to the pH level or the power of hydrogen of each ash which is first diluted unto the water.

In the medical field, alkaline acid diet is commonly known as the alkaline ash diet. This is a kind of diet wherein there is a careful selection of food to take in response only to those foods that easily burns up within the human body thereby leaving an ash residue. This so-called ash is incombustible yet very rich in certain minerals such as calcium, zinc, iron, magnesium as well as copper. Now, this burning up is analogous to catabolism or the process of food destruction to convert it to useful chemicals and compounds in the human body. Waste products are also released in this mechanism.

This alkaline ash diet has its main focus on certain types of fruits as well as vegetables. This is further sub-classified into the slight, moderate and extremely alkaline foods. More often than not, this type of diet typically makes the human blood alkaline with the proof of its pH having 7.35 to 7.45. The value of every component in the blood is of prime importance. It is necessary that it be maintained in its right track. If not, unwanted reactions may possibly occur. Homeostasis is the desired state of a human body wherein all the components are in its balanced state. There is equilibrium and harmony between acid and the base.

Now, if you want to start having a healthy and a body full of vigor, you may start complying with this acid-ash diet. Primarily, you first have to know the type of foods to eat during the course of the diet. You may prefer green leafy vegetable like lettuce, spinach, cabbage and celery. You might start to wonder for the reason why it needs to be green in hue. It is due to the plant’s chlorophyll. This natural green pigmentation contained within the leaves of the plant has the alkalinizing mechanism. Thus, this is the reason why the greener the vegetable is, the higher its alkaline content will be.

There are also protein sources like tofu, soy beans and soy cheese that are alkaline in nature. Further, fruits like cantaloupe, grapes either fresh or dried, mangoes, berries of different types, bell peppers, cucumber, figs, coconut, almonds, and many more are also included in the tedious list. If you still cannot figure out the right type of foods to eat, you may opt to read newsletters or other informational materials regarding the alkaline ash diet. This will surely be a quick guide for you on your way towards healthy and revitalized living. Bear in mind that adequate preparation for a good life is through education and information consumption.

Moreover, it is advisable to check out your body system functioning prior to actually starting up the diet. Assessment and adequate general check up is necessary so that you will have a baseline data about how your body is working. In addition, when you have figured out the condition of your body, it will motivate you to improve its vigor and might. Goals and objectives will be set up easily because you already know what and where the problem is. Upon self-examination, you may now proceed to the next step which is the implementation phase or the actual application of the alkaline ash diet.

You may start up with having a healthy lifestyle devoid of the cholesterol and acidic elements that may detriment the body. After a thorough research of the scientists and medical practitioners, they have figured out that excess acid in the blood is the culprit for certain abnormalities and irregularities in the body’s function. Therefore, this is the very opportune time to insert in your life the well-famed alkaline ash diet not only for its benefit in the body but as well as its effect on the physiological aspect of man. Soon enough, you will see the effects that indeed this diet is worth living for.

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