is an informational website that shares about the alkaline foods. Health is wealth

Acidic Fruits & Alkaline Fruits
Highly Acidic
Mildly Acidic
Highly Alkaline
  Blueberry Acai Berry Apples Avocado (Protein)
  Blueberry Acai Berry Apple Avocado
  Blueberry Apricot Banana (unripe)  
  Sweet Cherry Apricot Banana  
    Black Currant Blackberries  
  Canned tomatoes Black Currant Blackberries Figs
    Black Currant    
    Cantaloupe Tart Cherry Lemons
    Coconut Cranberry Goji Berries
    Dates Dragon Fruit Kiwi
    Dried Figs Figs Limes
  Rose Hips      
    Gooseberry Grapefruit  
  Rose Hips      
    Grapes Italian Plum  
Red Currant        
    Mandarin Orange Mango  
Red Currant       Strawberry
    Nectarine Orange Strawberry
    Papaya Peach  
Rose Hips        
    Pear Pineapple  
  Rose Hips      
    Promenade Raspberry  
  Rose Hips      
    Red Currant Rose Hips  
  Rose Hips      
    Strawberry Tangerine  
  Rose Hips      
    Tomato Tangerine  
  Rose Hips      
    Watermelon Yellow Plum  
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